Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple issues with my device do you offer multi repair discounts?

Sure we do  just give us a call at (501) 463-4044 and we will see what we can set up for you.

So I tried to fix my iPhone on my own and have it semi unassembled. Can I send it to you and have you finish the repair?

Absolutely, we do that all the time for customers. Please use our “self check in” form, bring or send your device . A technician will contact  you the same day we receive it with a quote before beginning any work.

Do you repair any other kind of phones?

Of course! If you have managed to break your cell phone, Tablet, PC or MAC odds are we can fix it.

Do I have to check-in online to mail in a device for repair?

Though is it preferred that you check-in on line prior to sending in your device it is not required. Checking-in online prior to sending in your device helps us expedite the repair process as we will have easy access to your information and do not need to delay the repair to wait for inputting your contact information.  This will help us minimize any repair delays and return your device as fast as possible.

Do you offer any type of warranty on your repairs?

Yes, all repairs carry a 90-day parts and labor warranty, which means if you have any issues related to the repair or manufacturing defects on parts used within 90 days we will take care of it free of charge!  “EXCLUDES RETURN SHIPPING FEES”

Can my phone be repaired while I wait?

Almost all repairs can be completed while you wait in 1 hour or less by one of our experienced technicians. The only type of repairs that cannot be completed while you wait for some board level repairs  generally this need to be dropped off for at least 24-48 hours.

Do you need my unlock passcode or pattern?

Yes, we do. If there is an unlock  passcode or  pattern on the device  it hinders our ability to test all the functions of the device. Please provide us this information  with the device when you send it in for repairs.

If you do not wish to provide said information certain device functions including but not limited to camera functionality , Microphones,Wi-Fi and or Bluetooth cannot be tested and cannot be guaranteed .